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Effective Weight Management Controls Weight Loss

Fixating on losing weight alone is very much a short lived approach and really cannot be sustained in the longer term. This approach will result in many unsuccessful weight loss attempts, usually through the fad dieting, yo yo dieting, starvation, calorie counting and obsessing with the weighing scales.You have got to focus on the big picture… long term health instead of  just weight loss alone!

Effective Weight Management Controls Weight LossMen and women are bombarded everywhere and every single day with promises of quick fixes for that perfect figure, when actually success can only be achieved when you understand the fundamentals, the basics of nutrition and why your current eating and lifestyle habits have led to your current weight problems.

Only through your clear understanding of what a balanced, fulfilling dietary plan is, a feeling of satisfaction after eating, awareness of portion control and some physical activity will success be attainable.

What you need to have is a support structure and some emotional awareness for a long term health strategy and when all these factors are combined, permanent change be made.

Effective Weight Management Controls Weight LossA long term strategy for healthier weight will include control of blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which will lessen your risk of heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers as well as depression, fatigue and infertility.

In a nutshell, when you are trying to lose weight, you need to understand that this goes way beyond weight loss and shedding those 2 to 3 lb’s a week. You will need to have effective weight management, this is what really controls yours, or anybody’s, weight loss!


 Effective Weight Management Controls Weight Loss

Benefits of exercise go way beyond weight loss

Exercising as a way of dieting is counter-intuitive. What should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience instead becomes another chore. So it’s no wonder the exercise plan goes off the rails so quickly at the beginning of every person’s weight loss attempts.

Firstly, you need to set yourself an achievable and realistic goal around exercise. An effective weight management programme should include specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time managed goals around exercise and nutrition.


Food and emotions

Many people self medicate with food to manage their emotions when feelings of stress or Effective Weight Management Controls Weight Lossdepression take hold.

Food definitely makes you feel much better. Food not only quells your hunger, it also makes you feel better emotionally. The problem is that there is so much of the wrong kinds of food, fast food, available almost everywhere.

Food becomes a substitute for a more adaptive way of feeling good. We don’t know how to cope when life takes over and things happen- all the D’s: divorce, death, deadlines, debt, demands. Eventually eating can appear to be your only comfort.

Emotional eating creates a cycle of feel bad, eat, feel worse, and eat more. Be mindful of the food-emotion connection.

Real Obstacles To Effective Weight Management 

Weekend Binging:

All week you exercise and eat the right foods and then the weekend appears and you want to let your hair down because of all your hard work. Weekends are wonderful for relaxing, but be mindful of junk food as a way to unwind because to reverses the good work you have already done! You need to be full of motivation and have a feeling that you are ready for a new week come Monday, not nursing a hangover from the empty calorie beverages.

Analysis Paralysis:

Effective Weight Management Controls Weight LossWith so many exercise programs are readily available, deciding which one will give you the best results can be overwhelming. The best workout is the one you’ll do consistently and meets your own personal goals and create some enjoyment. Find what works for you and really apply yourself to it.

Poor Planning:

Healthy living requires good organization and planning. If you’re hoping that all you need to do is to squeeze in a workout and have no idea where your meals will be, you’re setting yourself up to fail. Plan your workouts and the food shopping well in advance for the coming week. Preparation and managing time efficiently is the key. Don’t give up because practice does make perfect!

Social Pressure:

You cannot blame others for your own choices, so you do need to recognize when they influence your choices. Be prepared for the situations where you’ve caved to peer pressure in the past and don’t be afraid to say no. You want a friend who’s making the same strides as you to make positive change in their’s and your life. Friends can be a great source of support and encouragement for you to pull off your plan. Remember, finally, that effective weight management controls weight loss.

Here’s To Your Healthier Lifestyle,

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